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08 November 2013 @ 10:32 am

A heart breaking story definitely a good read.

I highlighted some points from the first chapter while I feel serves as good lessons that could help us in any form.

* As human beings, we have capabilities we're not really aware of until "someone" shows us what is possible

* understanding weakness and figuring out ways to compensate them

* how to trust, cope with disappointment

* from birth to age 6, children's brain triple in size to produce cells and establish neural connection

* concentrate on the good things in life
16 October 2012 @ 12:27 pm
Lyrics from M Nasir's Mentera Semerah Padi:

Hei kersani mengalirlah dikauCollapse )

Im playing the song one more time on youtube. 
31 July 2012 @ 03:07 pm
I saw you again. 
30 July 2012 @ 11:37 am
I borrowed this from here.

Had a laugh over it, funny, witty yet it does portray the truth. Boleh jadikan iktibar

Here's the read up:

"Perempuan selalu cinta dalam-dalam. Tak berpada-pada. Dia percaya  lelaki itulah yang dia bakal kahwini. Mungkin dia anggap, relationship itu sebagai satu test, adakah dia wifey material. Jadi dia kena tunjuk betapa wifey materialnya dia. Dengan taat pada boyfriend.
I’ve seen this a lot (ehem, girlfriends). And at one point in my life, I used to be that girl too.
“Weh jom keluar lepak jap. Lamanya tak jumpa!” “Jap aku tanya boyfriend aku”. Wow, sejak bila berdosa andai boyfriend tak redhakan pemergianmu untuk melepak bersama teman-teman? Bilakah tanggungjawab menjagamu beralih dari ibubapa ke boyfriend mu? LOL.
Bila liat nak solat, boyfriend call dan tanya dah solat belum? Wow terus laju capai telekung dan bersolat wow wow, cuba kalau Mama atau Daddy yang suruh pergi solat, tunggu lagi beberapa minit nak habis waktu baru bergegas.
Ibubapa nasihat belajar rajin-rajin, oh it’s just another nasihat yang berulang sejak dari tahun satu lagi. Tapi bila boyfriend bagi kata-kata semangat nak exam, sayang jangan lupa baca Allahuma Yassir Wala Tuassir ya xoxo. The moment dapat anugerah dekan terus update status FB I can’t do it without you, you are my drive, my inspiration, my backbone. Wah tiba-tiba dia jadi tulang belakang kau, entah engkau tulang rusuk kiri dia ke idok, belum confirm lagi.
Bila pakwe ajak keluar weekend, terus OKAY! *sambil cancel semua plans lain*. Kalau family kata baiklah we’re having dinner this weekend, jawapannya “Tengoklah kalau I free”.
Kalau nak pergi clubbing, "weh nanti jangan tag gambar aku, nanti boyfriend aku nampak". Oops, taknak hancurkan hati boyfriend uols! Hati mak bapak camne? Oh lupa mak bapak takde Fesbuk. Sorry sorry, ini tak valid.
There’s a difference between being a good partner, and secara buta tuli taat. If he is a good partner to you, and you repay him with kindness as well, you’re a good partner. Kalau dia treat you macam bangang, tapi you still put him first, that’s… sorry to say, buta tuli taat.
Bila buta tuli taat, you lose your value and above all, you lose yourself
So ladies, don’t give your all just yet. Not until he sits on the cushion and the pakciks around him said “SAH”. Biarlah orang kata jual mahal, sebab benda mahal memang kita kena jual mahal okay belajarlah ekonomi/business." "

30 July 2012 @ 09:58 am
I read this post earlier today and saw someone asking if you're unhappy does it mean you're ungrateful. I read through the comments and found some interesting replies.

As for me, what I think is, being ungrateful can make a person unhappy. But being unhappy doesn't necessarily means a person is ungrateful because events that unfold may be to the worst of the person's disadvantage. However, both situation offers a person the  choice. It's a choice to be ungrateful or not, just as much as it's a choice to be unhappy or not. The solution is up to the person's undertaking.

Good luck.

Update: Geh; learnt something else. While i still think being ungrateful can make a person unhappy, I also think being unhappy means a person might forget to be grateful. Because a grateful heart is a happy heart. I learnt of this: no one can hurt a grateful heart. This explains a lot. 
10 July 2012 @ 05:51 pm
If missing you makes me reflect on myself,  (although my tattered soul takes a beating for time wasted on other things), I'll go through this phase over & over again, just to look ahead for the time I welcome you home, Insya-Allah. 

I can imagine what your parents are feeling. Praise to Allah, despite the vast distance that challenges the threshold of my sanity, you're a phone call, email and even a plane ride away. May these options be made available for you to reach us and vice-versa, Ameen.

Meanwhile, shall make good of your advice and messages. 
True to what you mention on your blog, ".. to help other seek" May Allah bless your intention. 

In my dream, it was a kenduri at avilla and I was in ban's room when he and bob barged in and irritate me over the use of the dial up internet and taunting me to give up using. Then they got my mom to be on their side. I went downstairs, started crying and in between sobs, told everyone, I'm flying to Tarim to see Dodo.(LOL) but it was only when I choked on my tears, I got woken up and check the time; it's 15mins before my clock starts to alarm but there i was on my bed, the room felt cooler and my sister sleeping soundly, I'm wide-eyed and lost. 

I maybe flawed, but i love you to the ends of no return. I thank Allah we're blood otherwise I wont have this opportunity to have your love and share the wisdom you impart. It's not often I say these, let this blog bear witness. 
May Allah keep you safe and settled and do not diminish all the memories of the times we spent together doing those activities we love so much.

But this is not meant to make you cry so apologies, because if I fail and you still cry, i'll upload a pic of you post knee surgery & tonsil surgery with the tiny teddy bear which pak jebon label as "lela la la la la".